7. 2022  -  New Watercolours for GAP

5-6. 2022  -  Marketing and update in Atelier SHOP

3-4.2022 - 20, 22 oil painting for 'Garmisch Art Projekt'

2.2022 'Die Frühlingsstrasse' -  20 oil painting for 'Garmisch Art Projekt'

1.2022   The Alpspitz - 19 oil painting for 'Garmisch Art Projekt'


12.2021 The last oil landscapes in 2021

11.2021  Tiere - oil painting

10.2021 'Garmisch Project' - oil painting

8-9.2021 New Works for 'Garmisch Project'


New Studio + 'Garmisch Project' - oil painting



8-10.2020 Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Watercolours

Watercolours on Hahnemühle Paper 60x50cm

06-08.2020 - Animals

This Collection have about 50 works.

04-05.2020 - Georgioupolis

Selected works

01-02.2020 - Back to Figures

Zeichnung 2.2020, pastel und Kohle auf Zeichenpapier, #art, #zeichnung,#portrait, #Homer

Study for projects 2020.

12.2019 - Meteora Mountains

Watercolour on Hahnemühle Paper 60x50cm

9-11.2019 - Figure studies

7-8.2019 - Back to watercolours

Plachetka, Lanzarote, Watercolour, 7.2019
Lanzarote vulcanic Landscape

Semiabstractions 5-6.2019

Abstractions about nature, plants, flowers.

50x70cm in watercolour, ink, acryl techniqe

3.2019 - Back to watercolours


Summer 2018.

Project connecting poetry, painting and music.

Lanzarote 2018

Valencia workshop 3.2018

Karina Plachetka_Valencia_ watercolor_2018
Valencia beach, watercolor/acryl on paper, 40x40cm, 2018

The large beach of Valencia,

behind the cities and mountains.

Watercolor on paper, 40x40cm

Lanzarote workshop  3.2018

Plachetka Puerto Calero, Watercolor 2018, 40x40cm
Puerto Calero, Watercolor 2018, 40x40cm

Going from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero there is a volcanic terrain with average sea, sky and land views.

A small notice of this walk.


View of Puerto Calero,

Watercolor, 40x40cm

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Palma de Mallorca workshop 12.2017

Palma de Mallorca, watercolor_2018_ plachetka
The beach of Palma de Mallorca, watercolorstics on cotton paper, 27x37cm

`Palma de Mallorca Seascape


watercolor, ink

on cotton paper


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'Academic drawing' lessons / 'Akademisch zeichnen' Unterricht


To draw the ancient sculptures  /  Antike Skulpturen zeichen

11.2017 - 2.2018 

- Drawing lessons in the "Glyptothek Munich"

- Beginner to advanced.

- To learn how to draw from life

- To learn how to draw the human figure and face.

- All drawing techniqe possible.

- Small group 2-3 students or 1x1

- Students of every age

- contact:  atelier10 @ onlinehome.de  (without space)


- Zeichnenunterricht in der Glyptothek München

- Anfänger bis Fortgeschrittene

- Zeichnen von der Natur

- Zeichnen der menschlichen Figur und Portrait zeichnen

- Alle Zeichentechniken möglich

- Kleine Gruppen 2-3 Schüller oder Einzellunterricht

- Schüller jeden alters

- Kontakt: atelier10 @ onlinehome.de (ohne Leerzeichen)

Drawing examples from the last workshops.

some works of this collection are offered here

Tenerife workshop 12.2017

Plachetka Tenerife 2018

Tenerife beach,

mixed on cotton paper,

27x37cm, 2018

Lanzarote workshop 9.2017

All of this selected studies are in Din-A4 size. Black pen and charcoal technique on white 120g drawing paper.

The motif is the lovely 'Pueblo Marinero' in Costa Teguise area.


Lanzarote painting/drawing workshop 4-5.2017

More then 40 studies was created in this time.

Karina Plachetka Workshop Paintings
Some of the collection works